It’s been a few years since we’ve done our annual CANADA V AUSTRALIA month and we’re back to bring it to you once more! We kick things off in an epic way as we look closely at the 2010 epic Aussie blockbuster film that is Tomorrow, When The War Began. What does Colin expect from this film? Why is Ben so excited to do this film? How does this movie hold up 13 years later? Should Australian blockbusters be more of a thing? Are we excited for all the talk from teenage girls about teenage boys? Why do we love Homer so much? Should Lincoln Lewis have become the next Chris Hemsworth? Why are we so anti-dog in this movie? Where are the invaders from and why are they so dumb? How great is the soundtrack to this movie? How much do we love Fi? And are we sad there was never a sequel or proper series made after this movie? Strap yourself in and find out how funny dogs are for when epic ride in the start of an epic month!


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