Phillip Rhys 24 Interview

Not only are you about to excited for another epic 24 interview in the lead up to our episode-by-episode series recap of the show, but you’re about to get excited for the RETURN of a guest to the show! Yes, that’s right, we are welcoming back the amazing Phillip Rhys to The Oz Network for … Continue reading Phillip Rhys 24 Interview

Mortal Kombat Review

It's time to catch up on the latest new movie release as we talk about Mortal Kombat and whether it lives up to years of expectations from video game fans everywhere. What has us so divided on our opinions of this movie? Why is calling this "R Rated" a bit of a cheat? How amazing … Continue reading Mortal Kombat Review

Glass Recap

It's the epic finale of our trilogy of Guest Host podcasts, and what better way to end it than by talking with Amazing Race Canada's Martina Seo about the epic finale of another loosely connected trilogy, Glass. How many times did Martina watch this movie, Unbreakable and Split in the week leading into this podcast? … Continue reading Glass Recap