The Lion King (2019) Recap

It’s time to bring you our latest month and another month we have just thrown together for the sake of it, as we kick off MOVIES WE HATE month by looking at the absolute turkey and waste of time that is the 2019 ‘live action’ remake of The Lion King. Can Ben stomach to talk … Continue reading The Lion King (2019) Recap

Bedazzled Recap

Sadly we have reached the end of our epic BRENDAN FRASER MONTH but we are going to go out with a bang in recapping the 2000 underrated gem that is Bedazzled! How on earth is Elizabeth Hurley not more of a thing? How incredible is the chemistry between Hurley and Fraser? Why wasn’t Brendan Fraser … Continue reading Bedazzled Recap

Scary Godmother: A Halloween Spooktakular Recap

Halloween month continues as we look at an obscure and animated special from 2003 Scary Godmother: A Halloween Spooktakular. How is it possible this crudely animated TV special from 17 years ago holds up so well today? Is this one of the most quotable Halloween TV specials of all time? Did the costume of a … Continue reading Scary Godmother: A Halloween Spooktakular Recap