Ethan Zohn Interview

A special episode drop for you today as we bring you a ‘surprise’ interview with the legendary Survivor Hall of Famer Ethan Zohn about his time on Winners At War and just what the experience was like coming back to play Survivor after a 16 year gap! Ethan chats about just how the experience was … Continue reading Ethan Zohn Interview

Kevin Tighe Interview

You’ve been spoilt for choice with interviews recently on the show and now it’s time to be spoilt once more as we sit down with the legendary Kevin Tighe to chat about his career and most importantly his epic role on Lost that had so many people despising him as one of the biggest villains … Continue reading Kevin Tighe Interview

Flashback Friday: Brian Heidik Interview

Being FLASHBACK FRIDAY you know we’re excited to bring you another classic Survivor Oz episode and today is no exception as we bring you one of our biggest ever interviews with Thailand winner Brian Heidik! In this chat, Brian talks about how 'suggestions' rather than 'orders' were the key to his victory, why there were … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Brian Heidik Interview

Flashback Friday: Kelly Goldsmith Interview

Fabulous Friday is here and it’s another FLASHBACK FRIDAY to get yourself happy and in the zone as we bring you a classic chat with Kelly Goldsmith from Africa! In this chat, Kelly talks about why she is a game changing player in the history of Survivor, just how close she came to returning to … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Kelly Goldsmith Interview