Lindsay Hollister Interview

Another interview is coming your way today as we catch up with one of the most memorable guest stars in Nip/Tuck, the incredible Lindsay Hollister! Lindsay chats about her time on Nip/Tuck and what it was like playing the incredibly memorable Nanette Babcock on the episode of the same name! She also talks about how … Continue reading Lindsay Hollister Interview

Rebecca Metz Interview

We’re excited to bring you an interview today with an actress with a stellar career and one our Nip/Tuck fans just might recognise from her very memorable guest role during the third season of the show, the one and only Rebecca Metz! In this great interview, Rebecca chats about THAT role on Nip/Tuck, as well … Continue reading Rebecca Metz Interview

Nip/Tuck Season 6, Episode 18 ‘Edith and Walter Krieger’ Recap

We are back for another Nip/Tuck episode and back for the penultimate episode of the show that you’ve grown to love as we look at episode 99, the 18th episode of the 6th season Edith and Walter Krieger. How does this episode compare to the finale next week? How do they manage to keep bringing … Continue reading Nip/Tuck Season 6, Episode 18 ‘Edith and Walter Krieger’ Recap