The Oz Network was founded in January 2017 as a rebranding/reboot of the Survivor Oz podcast. Survivor Oz was previously the second most popular Survivor podcast online, receiving numerous awards as well as numerous iTunes number ones from around the world. The purpose of the reboot was to expand on the shows covered beyond Survivor, and also including movie elements along the way.

The show was founded by Survivor Oz alumni Ben Waterworth, Noah Groves, Colin Hilding & Nick Chester, all of whom contributed the majority of content to the former show. Their passion for TV & Film helped created the show and the idea was a long time coming before eventually being turned into reality with the first episode debuting in March 2017.

The show is separated into two categories: Movies & TV. Each category provides a variety of recaps on both current and old movies and TV as well as other entertaining content and interviews as well for each category. In the movies category, we provide recaps from the most recent releases, film franchises, guilty pleasures and those films you have forgotten about along the way. For the TV category we provide episode recaps of the hottest shows as well as classic shows you may have forgotten about. Our collective experience and passion for both mediums provide a unique and fun insight for our listeners along the way.

Our show is put together by pure passion and excitement for both TV & film. If you wish to support our podcast then head over to our support page to find out how you can help contribute as well as get involved for exclusive access to special episodes and content. You can also support us and get EXCLUSIVE content by signing up to our Patreon.

To find out how you can subscribe and listen to our show, head over to our listen page to find out more details.

In the meantime you can also check out our sister shows that provide a variety of different content that you will also enjoy. You can find the links to the shows below.

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