It’s been one hell of a season of 24 and we’re back to wrap it all up with our recap of the 24th episode of season 4 of 24, 6am-7am! Is this episode a bit too rushed and all over the place? What are some other things that could’ve been done to this episode to fully improve it? Why aren’t people more concerned over a nuclear bomb nearly hitting Los Angeles? Why is Jack Bauer once again just yelling at helicopters? Does Marwan’s death look better than the Scorpion King showing up in The Mummy Returns? How amazing is Kim Raver once again in this episode? How epic is the ending despite the flaws of this episode? How incredible is the Logan v Palmer scene? And how excited does this episode get us for season 5? It’s one hell of a ride that you’ll need to strap in for, so get to it!


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