Ocean’s Eight (Spoiler Free) Review

We are here to talk about Ocean's 8, otherwise known as Ocean's 4, the all female sequel/spin-off of the original Ocean's trilogy. Colin is joined by Jamie, bringing her unique female perspective to the show. How did Sandra Bullock not live up to being George Clooney's sister? Why is Cate Blanchett the perfect female Brad … Continue reading Ocean’s Eight (Spoiler Free) Review


Solo: A Star Wars Story (Spoiler Free) Review

It's time for our review of Solo, the latest Star Wars story in the Disney spinoffs. Why is it best to go into this movie with low expectations. What aspects of the Han Solo character does Alden Ehrenreich nail, and which aspects just seem off? Why does Donald Glover need to smile more as Lando? Which … Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Story (Spoiler Free) Review