A Quiet Place (Spoiler Free) Review

A Quiet Place is being called the biggest opening original horror film of all time. Despite enjoying the movie, and praising it for being original, why does Colin take issue with this claim? When did Jim from the office turn into such a great Director? Does John Krasinski make a better Director than he does an … Continue reading A Quiet Place (Spoiler Free) Review


7 Days in Entebbe (Spoiler Free) Review

It's our latest spoiler free review, and this time we bring you a review of a movie we guarantee almost none of your have seen or heard of before. It's 7 Days in Entebbe starring two of Colin's favourite actors, Daniel Bruhl and Rosamund Pike, which is only half the reason he felt the need … Continue reading 7 Days in Entebbe (Spoiler Free) Review