It’s been one hell of a ride bringing you 6 seasons and 132 episodes of Third Watch (as well as an episode of ER and Medical Investigation) and through each episode recap as well as season recap there always has to be a final moment to wrap it all up. When will that moment come? How about today! We are here to bring you a series recap of Third Watch and make sure you go out loving this show as much as we feel you should! Join Ben, Dorvell & Brandy as they go over everything from the most iconic moments, the lowest points, best episodes, worst episodes, characters and so much more in the perfect conclusion to perhaps the most underrated TV show of all time! We also bring you our top 10 moments from the series which we are sure will cause debate for many years to come. So strap yourselves in, get those cop cars and fire trucks ready for the final time and be ready listen to us rave about why you should love this show too as we wrap up Third Watch more entertained and informed than you did 132 weeks ago!

Our final moments ranking will once again be compiled into a video featuring the top 10 scenes from all 6 seasons as voted for by Ben, Dorvell & Brandy. As always however due to copyright restrictions we are unable to post the video online, so the list of the top 10 moments in order from 10 to 1 are below:

  • 10 – Sully kills Chevchenko & Tatiana’s funeral (Season 4, Episode 6 – Judgement Day Part 2)
  • 9 – The Carlos speech at Taylor’s funeral (Season 5, Episode 2 – My Opening Farewell)
  • 8 – The shootout & Davis gets shot (Season 3, Episode 14 – Superheroes Part 1)
  • 7 – The police funeral (Season 2, Episode 11 – A Hero’s Rest)
  • 6 –  Sully comes home to discover his house on fire and Tatiana dead (Season 4, Episode 5 – Judgement Day Part 1)
  • 5 – Doc’s speech with Sully after the shooting (Season 5, Episode 15 – No More Forever)
  • 4 – Jerry is taken to hospital and everyone watches him get worked on (Season 1, Episode 1 – Welcome To Camelot)
  • 3 – Taylor’s death (Season 4, Episode 22 – The Price of Nobility)
  • 2 – Bosco breaks down to Faith (Season 3, Episode 17 – Falling)
  • 1 – Bobby is shot (Season 2, Episode 15 – Requiem For A Bantamweight)


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