It is common knowledge that Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Through 62 episodes over 5 years, the show captivated audiences around the world and defined just how TV should be moving into the future. Here on The Oz Network we recapped every single episode, giving you our thoughts on the adventures of Walt, Jesse & the rest of the crew in our own unique style. And just like we did in the past with both Nip/Tuck and Third Watch, we are here to now bring you a full episode ranking list from the mind of one of our hosts who was there for each of the recaps, Ben Waterworth. So join Ben once again as he gives you his unique opinion and rankings in what is sure to be another interesting collection of rankings along the way!

62. Fly (3.10)


I guess this is really the standard answer when it comes to the ‘worst’ episode of Breaking Bad but there is a reason for that. Fly just is it’s own thing. It’s a bottle episode that serves a purpose in saving some money and giving us some great scenes between Walt & Jesse. But outside of that it’s nothing, and the one episode you can easily skip without missing anything. There’s definitely a lot to be said about Rian Johnson and what he brings to Breaking Bad (and don’t get me started on what that then eventually brought to Star Wars) but this is the one episode that just doesn’t do anything for the show. An easy bottom.

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61. I.F.T. (3.3)


I’m one of the rare people who will defend Skyler to the death but the one storyline that does bug me is her affair with Ted. This is all summed up in this episode with her infamous “I fucked Ted” moment with Walt. For character development I get it, it’s an important way for her to stand up to Walt in a moment she feels absolutely trapped. But the execution of it just doesn’t come across in the right way to me. That moment really does drag this episode down, which doesn’t exactly have many other ground-breaking moments to hold it up. Not a terrible episode, but definitely one of the weaker ones.

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60. Kafkaesque (3.9)


Breaking Bad definitely has some episodes in the middle part of certain seasons that are doing nothing more than building to bigger and better things, and that is not a bad thing. The beauty of this show is just how it is able to make those episodes so entertaining and make them feel just as important as the ones with the big moments. Kafkaesque is definitely one of those episodes and it definitely isn’t a bad episode. It just fails to give any massive standout moments in a pretty crowded group of episodes that world build without standing out above the crowd. Skyler’s story about Walt being a gambling addict is an interesting one that helps cover some ground for her and Walt, and Jesse’s story about making a perfect box is also another interesting moment which helps add to his character. But we do also have to deal with Jesse’s group leader, who is, well, let’s just say an interesting character who definitely may get under my skin a bit. Another solid but unmemorable episode that unfortunately finds itself towards the bottom based more on the fact there are far better episodes ahead of it.

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59. Thirty-Eight Snub (4.2)

Breaking Bad (Season 4)

Coming after such an iconic episode as Box Cutter, there was a bit of a let down when it came to Thirty-Eight Snub. Walt is on edge and doing what he can to protect himself and the majority of this episode follows him doing exactly that. The bar fight with Mike is fun to watch, and we really start to go on a path of utter desperation for Walt from this point on in the 4th season. Skyler also gets involved more by trying to ensure the car wash plan will go ahead with some great stuff with the returning Bogdan, while Jesse breaking down after numerous days of partying is also a highlight. Another case of a fairly uneventful episode being quite solid, but just having others that are better than it.

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58. Over (2.10)


Walt can seemingly never escape his drug career and it’s very much of note in this episode. Despite him seemingly walking away from it, it is always right there ready to show itself. The closing of this episode is particularly epic as Walt confronts some random meth cooks and threatens them to stay out of his territory which is equal parts scary and badass. Walt also loses some points as a father with his drinking games with Walt Jr, while we also have to put up with Skyler and Ted getting closer. An episode that could’ve been much better without that unnecessary part of it.

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57. Abiquiu (3.11)


This episode follows on from Fly so no matter what it was going to be an improvement. And it definitely has some highlights. Skyler meeting Saul for the first time is one, as is Jesse’s realisation of finding out who killed Combo. The dinner scene between Walt and Gus is also another highlight, and one that is perhaps overlooked as a truly great Breaking Bad moment. We meet Andrea for the first time and that is always a bit of a bummer as I have to admit I’m not an Andrea fan at all (or as we should call her, ‘Diet Jane’). But as is the case with Breaking Bad, even the most uneventful episodes are still actually pretty solid and decent with very little bad things to say about them. So let’s just put this low ranking down to once again other episodes being better than it and ‘Diet Jane’ entering the fray with a whimper rather than a bang.

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56. I See You (3.8)


Another season 3 episode and it’s clear to see that it definitely has a run of episodes that aren’t exactly stand outs. But they also aren’t bad either. They tow that line of uneventful but nothing bad about them to really rant home about. The fact that this episode also follows on from such an iconic episode as One Minute, you know it will automatically fall down the order a bit. But as always is the case, there is still some great moments. Walt confronting Gus in the middle of a public hospital is an amazing scene that shows just how well versed Gus is at fitting in but also just how he can easily switch on a dime into his evil ways. Added to this the closing scene of Gus on the phone to Bolsa as he is killed, and the scene in which we see an amputated Leonel dragging himself across the floor, and you have another to make this episode creep a little higher off the bottom.

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55. Cancer Man (1.4)


I’m a massive fan of Season 1 so it’s actually pretty hard for me to put an episode from the first season so low and out of the top 50. In fact this is the only season 1 episode in which I put into our ‘rent’ category when recapping the episodes.  And again, let me reiterate, this isn’t a bad episode. It’s just another solid episode which sets up more for later and doesn’t exactly bring a lot to the table in the moment. I actually am a big fan of Jesse hanging out with his parents as I love seeing the backstory to his character as well as his family dynamic. I also love the moment with his brother in which we see the ‘rivalry’ between the two of them in which both think the other is their parent’s favourite. We also get a bit of a badass Walt moment in which he blows up Ken’s car, which we all no doubt cheered at in a situation we all wish we could’ve done ourselves. Solid but not super strong.

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54. Madrigal (5.2)


The fallout from the death of Gus brings some great world building storylines to the table which really setup for an interesting final season of Breaking Bad. You could’ve easily ended the show after four seasons and it would’ve been a fairly satisfying close, but with seemingly nowhere to go in the last season there is somehow a great story pulled out which gets you hooked and makes things interesting. Walt’s obsession with staying in the drug game to make more money to pay off his now added debt sees him really coming full circle in the evil stakes, and his conflict with Mike makes for some interesting moments. Mike too in covering his tracks also makes for some interesting moments, even if this is taken down a notch with the introduction of a certain Lydia. She is a different character and brings something unique to the Breaking Bad table, but just like Andrea I’m not a fan of hers and this episode definitely gets a big mark down with her being introduced. Other than that, another solid episode which continues to lay foundations for bigger things to come.

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53. Bit by a Dead Bee (2.3)


Naked Walt. That’s what we remember this episode for right? After surviving their kidnapping from Tuco, Walt & Jesse have to explain their disappearance and this leads us to some naked Walt in the middle of a supermarket. Winning. We also get some great moments with Walt trying to explain his situation away to various medical staff and of course Skyler, and some great moments between Hank and Jesse as well as a certain Hector Salamanca. Another solid episode that has nothing too amazing to stand out above the ones above it.

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52. Buyout (5.6)


This is an interesting episode as it sits smack back in between two very iconic episodes in Dead Freight and Say My Name. And while it definitely doesn’t live up to the highs those two episodes brought to the table, it still is another solid episode with enough to make it somewhat memorable. The speech from Walt to Jesse about losing out on his Gray Matter fortune is a highlight, as is the closing in which Walt has escaped from being held by Mike and is ready to put a deal on the table to the man who has just walked away from their business. Outside of those moments there isn’t a lot to sing home about, but also not enough to make this episode any worse.

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51. Breakage (2.5)


This is the episode that sets up one of the all time great episodes and moments in Breaking Bad so I have to have it a little higher for knowing what is to come after this. But also who doesn’t love a good meth-dealing montage? We also get some great scenes showing how great Dean Norris can be as he starts to suffer some panic attacks, and also just how he deals with Marie too, even though her kleptomaniac storyline is a bit on the grating side by now. Just outside the top 50 but definitely a higher place on this list than those before it for those reasons just mentioned.

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50. Mas (3.5)


Flashbacks are always a fun thing to watch, and the opening flashback seeing Jesse enjoy the money Walt gave him to buy the RV with back in season 1 is definitely a fun one to witness. We also get the introduction of the meth lab and the enticement it brings for Walt to continue cooking meth. As Gus famously says to him, ‘a man provides’, and Walt definitely takes this on board when it comes to supporting his family, even if this means not being actively involved with them. We also seemingly get the end of Skyler’s affair with Ted, which let’s be honest, is something to celebrate. The last of the ‘rent’ episodes which means things are only going to be absolutely great from this moment on.

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49. Problem Dog (4.7)

Breaking Bad (Season 4)

This episode is perfectly bookended by two great scenes and filled with some pretty decent stuff in the middle. Kind of like a standard Oreo. We get the opening with Walt blowing up with Dodge Challenger out of spite and then having to face Saul to have it all covered up, really showcasing that Walt really is beginning to let the power and money get to his head. We also get the closing with Hank laying his theory about Gus on the table to the DEA, which really does start to set the wheels into motion into how the rest of season 4 is going to play out. We also get the end of Jesse’s group leader, which is always a good thing right? A very solid episode.

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48. Shotgun (4.5)

Who knew that we were missing out on great television by having Jesse and Mike team up? Well this episode proves that fact, and also creates a strong father/son connection between the two which will carry on right into the final season. It’s another case of a montage doing all the heavy work, but it’s another montage which really works to perfection to help solidify this as a pair we simply needed to see. Outside of this, we also get Walt basically giving a reason for Hank to continue investigating into his world, with a great tense dinner scene to close off the episode and making Hank once again look into Gus Fring. Let’s just hope that somehow this episode can lead to some weird spinoff with Mike & Jesse in the future.

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47. Green Light (3.4)


This is an episode that feels like it should be ranked lower but has enough going for it that I feel deserves a place right here. Seeing Walt really just have a bad day is actually great to watch, through his confrontation of Ted right through to his awkward attempt at trying to kiss Carmen. There’s just something about that works. Put it down to Bryan Cranston’s ability to tow the line between comedic and serious, and it just really adds a great layer to this episode. The feud between him in Jesse that begins to brew too is also great to watch, and the closing with the money in the bag just locks it all down as a great episode to sit through.

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46. Hazard Pay (5.3)


I’m a massive fan of season 5 in the way it builds the new empire of Walt and Jesse and deals with the ramifications of the death of Gus, and this episode might just be the lead in really creating that world. Mike is doing everything he can to satisfy all of the workers of Gus that things will remain normal while also having to deal with this new business enterprise he has entered into. Meanwhile Walt tries to remain in control while realising just how many cogs were turning the wheel with Gus and how he is going to have to navigate through that in creating his new empire. And then Jesse is seemingly in the middle of both and dealing with the two of the bickering and fighting. All of that works together a treat and just makes the early parts of season 5 far more entertaining than it should be.

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45. Rabid Dog (5.12)


There is absolutely no turning back in the final few episodes of Breaking Bad in the relationship between Walt & Jesse. These two hate each other now, and we really are just on the edge of our seats wondering how that will play out. This borders down to the suggestion Walt should simply kill Jesse, but that is never an option for Walt who despite their differences, always holds him in high esteem. The same can’t quite be said for Jesse however, who is only saved by Hank from completely destroying Walt’s house and going down a completely different path. Instead, his path sees him team up with Hank in the weirdest way, and although he continues to be manipulated once more, he ends up having the last laugh in somehow ending the episode with a perfect way to manipulate Hank and get exactly what he wants: the end of Walt. A perfectly tense and well crafted episode.

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44. No Mas (3.1)


Breaking Bad certainly knows how to craft a good premiere episode of a season and No Mas is no exception, despite it seemingly appearing very low on this list. We get our introduction to the Cousins in literally the most explosive way, setting us up for some great moments to come with them throughout season 3. We also get some amazing acting from the amazing Aaron Paul as Jesse comes to terms with the grief at losing Jane. Then we get Walt, who despite being responsible for setting into motion the events which lead to the two planes crashing at the end of season 2, somehow doesn’t fully come to accept his role and go through a series of interesting situations to help deal with what happened at the end of season 2. We also get one of the more underrated moments of the series where Skyler finds out from Walt about his drug making ways after correctly guessing he is a drug dealer. There’s so much happening and so much great things to enjoy that it feels a shame to rank this episode so low. But when a show such as Breaking Bad exists with some of the episodes to come, you know there’s a reason why.

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43. Open House (4.3)

Breaking Bad (Season 4)

Marie’s kleptomania was a bit of a stretch in the early seasons of Breaking Bad but for some reason seeing her so elaborately concoct stories about who she is in a variety of open houses is a joy to watch. There’s just something with Betsy Brandt so comfortably pretending to be different people that is so captivating, and then leads to her eventual capture and breakdown as incredibly heartbreaking. She for sure deserves way more praise than she ever got for this show, and this is one of those episodes where it is absolutely the case. Another character who needs more love is Skyler, and her successful attempt to finally land the carwash is also a standout of this episode. It says a lot for this show that an episode like this is held together well by seemingly supporting cast as opposed to our main two of Walt and Jesse who almost take a back seat this time around. And that just proves how strong the entire cast of Breaking Bad is as a whole.

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42. Confessions (5.11)

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

There is no doubting the acting ability of Aaron Paul in this series but if you need an episode to really solidify just how good the man is, then this is one of those episodes. Jesse is often easily manipulated throughout the show and this is an episode in which he seemingly is able to stand up for himself and just who he is. Through Walt all but telling him to run away, right through to the end when he violently attacks Saul, there is just so much to love about Jesse standing up for himself and trying to control his own destiny. The path this follows may still have many bumps to come, but Paul delivers and then some with his performance in this episode. By far one of his and Jesse’s best episodes in the entire series.

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41. 4 Days Out (2.9)


The relationship between Walt & Jess is pretty much the main focus across the entire run of Breaking Bad and if one episode really sums up their journey it is 4 Days Out. From some positive and fun moments between this unlikely pair to all the yelling and disparaging comments, everything you need to know about their partnership is here to be seen. Being stuck in the desert for 4 days is certainly one way to test out a relationship and test is definitely a word that is at the forefront across this episode. What really stands out though is simply the desperation and acceptance by Walt that he is close to death, and then the sudden realisation at the end of the episode that this isn’t exactly the cast. It’s a great episode that has plenty going for it and one that almost captures the entire vibe of the show all in one episode.

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40. Bug (4.9)


Gus Fring is easily one of, if not THE greatest villain in the history of television and it’s moments like his badass standoff with the sniper in this episode that solidify that fact. Giancarlo Esposito is perfect at towing the line between a calm man who is in control of his empire to an evil megalomaniac who anyone would be terrified to remotely give a second glance to. The scene is perfectly tense and dramatic and his later scene with Jesse in this episode in which he tells him that he’ll be going to Mexico to teach the cartel to cook adds to the awesomeness of this episode. Skyler’s manipulation of Ted’s tax situation is also a great scene, and maybe one of the more tolerable scenes in the series that involves Ted. And all of this happens without even mentioning the epic fight between Walt and Jesse at the end, which is actually really hard to watch. Overall an incredibly solid episode.

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39. Down (2.4)


The desperation of Jesse in this episode just adds to why he is such an endearing character. You can argue that all the pain that is happening to him is brought on by himself, but whether you agree with him or not it’s hard to see him struggle so much and you can’t help but feel for him. Walt on the other hand is a different story, with there definitely being a two sided viewpoint to his issues in this episode that you are either very much for or against. Once again that is the beauty of Breaking Bad in which you feel so much for the two main characters and can very much be in different camps in whichever way you look at it. Just don’t go lighting up a cigarette in the car when pregnant…

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38. Buried (5.10)

Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

The second half of season 5 and the final stretch of episodes for the entire series are a rollercoaster ride that you simply don’t want to get off from. This episode is a clear example of that. Fresh of the epic confrontation between Walt & Hank at the end of Blood Money, we have to deal with a desperate Walt trying to cover his tracks and finding a way to save his money. We also get some amazing Skyler moments when she is confronted by both Hank & Marie which once again show what an incredible character Skyler is and the amazing acting ability of Anna Gun. This episode also highlights the amazing scenery of Breaking Bad, and gives us a nice trip down nostalgia lane with the location Walt buries his money at being the same place he and Jesse first cooked at way back in season one. We also get an amazing moment with Huell and Kuby laying on a giant pile of money. That moment alone makes this episode awesome.

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37. A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal (1.7)


The lowest placed season final on this list, A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal is a great episode that just doesn’t feel like it should be a season finale. Of course it wasn’t meant to be a season finale, with the writer’s strike meaning the two extra planned episodes didn’t take place. But for an episode that shouldn’t be a season finale, there still is a lot in the episode that makes it stand out. Walt & Jesse stealing the methylamine is hilarious and weirdly tense, the cooking of meth during an open home fits the same bill while Skyler gets some fun stuff to do (not just Walt) in this episode including through storylines that really are getting a tad annoying (hello Marie and stealing). All of this just glides together however with a pretty harrowing ending showing us just how scary and unhinged Tuco can be, and giving us a taste of what is to come in the opening few episodes of season 2.

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36. Seven Thirty-Seven (2.1)


Fresh from the finale of season 1, it seems fitting that the next episode should be the premiere episode of season 2. This episode just feels like it is a direct follow on from the finale and could’ve easily just been episode 8 of season 1 had things remained that way as planned. But that’s of course not to take away from anything that happens in this episode. The tension shared between Walt and Jesse over what they have witnessed by Tuco is great to watch, and the ending cliffhanger really does setup what will be an epic episode in Grilled. This is an episode that is all about laying foundations for bigger things, and like previous entries on this list, it does it in such a captivating way that you can’t turn your head away from it. The only criticism being that it really doesn’t feel like a season premiere. But who cares when the episode is this good.

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35. Mandala (2.11)


So much happens in this episode it’s hard to know where to begin. Jesse’s high and the great camera work that comes with it is a highlight, as is the unfortunate death of our beloved (sort of) Combo. The lowlight definitely is the cringeworthy moment of Skyler singing happy birthday to Ted (ugh), but that is all forgotten about by the closing moments of the episode which sees Walt struggle to decide between seeing the birth of Holly or delivering meth to ensure a $1.2 million pay day. Of course Walt chooses the money and the rest will be history, but there is just a level of pure tension and drama to the moment that still sits with you even if you’ve seen this episode multiple times. And that’s exactly how a well crafted TV show should be.

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34. Bullet Points (4.4)


Everyone loves Mike. And Mike is the type of person who wouldn’t care if he is loved or not. But it’s the subtle things that are done by Jonathan Banks that just make the character so endearing. Seeing him survive a mass shootout and take out two goons only to be slightly annoyed by his ear literally hanging off his head is just classic Mike. As is his confrontation of Jesse and then eventual road trip at the end of the episode. It all just makes us like the guy even more, even if we have no idea why based on our lack of knowledge about him. With all that in mind, he’s not even the standout factor of this episode. That comes from Hank and Walt’s scene together in which we get the famous “you got me” moment as Hank tries to work out just who W.W could be in the world of Gale. It’s a subtle little moment that will have massive ramifications later on, and one that you simply do not forget.

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33. Caballo sin Nombre (3.2)


The pizza episode. Isn’t that all I need to say? Somehow a moment of Walt throwing a pizza on the roof of his house has transcended the majority of this show to be one of the most famous moments across the entire series. So much so that the real life owners of the house had to put out a public plea to stop locals from recreating the scene. But outside of this iconic moment (a scene that we didn’t even include in our top 5 moments from season 3, awks), there is actually so much going on in this episode. From seeing Walt singing and getting arrested to Jesse’s badass play to buy his old house, this episode has enough moments to love it right then and there. But then there is the ending. Seeing the twins sit patiently on Walt’s bed waiting to kill him is incredibly tense, only made more so by their last minute call off by Gus and the pure obliviousness of Walt from what he narrowly avoided. It also makes me want to sing A Horse with No Name a lot. I wonder why that is…

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32. Negro y Azul (2.7)


The head on a tortoise episode, there is far more to love here than that iconic moment. Of course having Danny Trejo guest star is a highlight, but seeing Hank go from being a cocky DEA agent to a somewhat scared DEA agent actually is one of the more underrated storylines in Breaking Bad and it’s great to see here, especially given how it plays a hand in saving his life. We also get our first meeting of Jane, who I have to say I’m a big fan of and the storyline it brings with Jesse moving forward. Oh, and we also open this episode with maybe the greatest song used in all of Breaking Bad (it’s tough when Bonfire is so good). The epic banger that is Negro y Azul really does get stuck in your head and makes you want to learn Spanish just so you can sing it to perfection. Another incredibly solid and great episode.

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31. Sunset (3.6)


This episode is pure tension the entire runtime. From seeing the twins patiently wait for Gus and then get given the name of Hank right at the end, to Hank’s investigation of the RV that ultimately leads to that infamous fake call that Marie is hurt, everything about this episode just keeps you on the edge of your seat. We also continue to see the lengths Walt is willing to go to keep his secret secure with his lies now stretching more into his wider family that continues to make him more Heisenberg than Walt. We also get two other highlights; Larry Hankin making his first appearance and the sad death of our beloved RV. Those two highlights alone will make you smile and cry all at once and give more evidence to the overall strength of this episode.

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30. Fifty-One (5.4)

Breaking Bad
Episode 504

That other episode directed by Rian Johnson that people forget, I for one love it for one reason and one reason alone: BONFIRE! Yes yes yes I know it isn’t exactly a loved scene or song by many, but I think it’s perfect, amazing and arguably the best song ever used in the series. And there’s just something fun about seeing Walt just go completely cray cray in buying two fancy cars for himself and Walt Jr and the fact he really just doesn’t care about appearances anymore. Outside of this, the downfall of Skyler’s mental state is also incredible, with Anna Gunn once again delivering on her being on of the standouts of this show. Seeing her just casually get up and go for a ‘swim’ is harrowing and scary, and really just shows the desperation she is facing with Walt. And that then of course leads to a pretty darn amazing confrontation to which she admits she is simply waiting for Walt’s cancer to return in order to escape him. Whether you love the introduction of this episode or not, there’s no denying the stuff that follows is incredible television.

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29. ABQ (2.13)


As always, a season finale of Breaking Bad is just pure event television, and the perfectly crafted season 2 of the show really comes to a crescendo in this episode. Seeing Jesse’s despair at the death of Jane is gut-wrenching and Aaron Paul once again hits it out of the park with his performance. Then there is Skyler finally having enough of Walt’s lies and leaving him, which also showcases Anna Gunn at her best once again. With all of this happening, there is also the slight issue of Jane’s father Donald causing a bit of an accident with two planes colliding causing havoc for everyone in Albuquerque. Of course we know this happened due to the indirect actions of Walt, making it all the more meaningful and hard to watch. This episode also introduces us to Mike for the first time, adding another highlight to an already stacked and incredible episode.

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28. Phoenix (2.12)


There are many moments throughout Breaking Bad in which it could be argued Walt is no longer Walt and he has fully transformed into Heisenberg. It’s safe to say by the end of this episode, he has all but crossed that threshold. Seeing him willingly allow Jane to die is one of the hardest scenes to watch across the entire series, and the manner in which Walt goes from struggling with it to being pretty fine with it really showcases just how far he has changed and what he is willing to do in order to save and protect himself and what he is doing. By far one of the most important episodes of the entire series.

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27. Cat’s in the Bag… (1.2)

© "Breaking Bad" 2007
Topanga Productions.
Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer

The bathtub scene at the end is easily one of the most memorable in all of Breaking Bad and for many it’s the moment that sold them on this show. For me that is easily the case. It’s just all the elements of the show you want. It’s funny, gross, dramatic and engaging and really makes you wonder just how Walt & Jesse are going to get out of the situation they have found themselves in, especially with Krazy-8 locked in Jesse’s basement who is serving as a problem for both of them. Outside of this there are some great moments with ‘detective Skyler’ and also Walt slowly starting to stand-up for himself (“climb out of my ass, can you do that?”). Another episode in which one moment defines it but only adds to the overall greatness it brings to our screens.

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26. Gray Matter (1.5)


The first appearance of both Elliott and Gretchen, two characters who actually are only in a couple of episodes but leave such a mark on the overall story of Breaking Bad. It also is an episode that really shows Walt’s ego and just why he is set to go down his criminal path versus a fairly easy out and a way to secure both his and his family’s future. This is of course solidified by the intervention scene, a fun and emotional scene that actually serves a very strong purpose to what will come throughout the rest of the series. A solid episode that I feel is often forgotten about in terms of how great it is.

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25. Live Free Or Die (5.1)


I’ve mentioned many times now how I enjoy season 5 and the aftermath of the death of Gus and that all begins with this episode. Seeing the flashforwards is classic Breaking Bad and let’s us know that Walt is going to end up in a place that we’re all extremely curious about. The moments in which Mike finds out about the death of Gus and the confrontation in the desert is great to watch, as is the moment we see a severely injured Ted in hospital in what is his last appearance in the show. Is that a bit mean? Meh, who cares. Because this episode rocks and the last appearance of Ted just adds a cherry on top.

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24. Cornered (4.6)


The episode in which Walt declares “I am the danger”, there is so much more to this episode that adds to it being a great episode. Skyler going to the Four Corners Monument in order to decide whether she wants to run away is a great visual and great moment for her in what will eventually lead to her being incredibly terrified of her husband even more so than she is now. Jesse outsmarting the meth dealers and his moment with Gus at the end is also incredible and adds some extra layers to Jesse and what will come from him across the fourth season. And the moment in which Walt finally gets to stand up to Bogdan and uses his first dollar to buy a soda also adds another layer of awesomeness to the episode. Yes, the opening speech is incredible and badass, but there is far more to love about Cornered than ever gets mentioned.

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23. Half Measures (3.12)


The penultimate episode of a season is usually more important for the story than the season finale and this is definitely the caste for Half Measures. The downfall of Jesse’s emotional state is let loose in this episode as he goes from wanting to quietly kill the drug dealers responsible for Combo’s death to full on mad man by the end once he finds out they have killed Tomas also. This of course leads to the famous closing moments in which Walt runs down both drug dealers and kills one in cold blood, only to utter the famous “run” moment to Jesse. Tense, action-packed and amazing to watch. All perfect combinations you want and always get in an episode of Breaking Bad.

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22. Dead Freight (5.5)


The train robbery episode of Breaking Bad really does live up to the hype. Yes it’s maybe a bit crazy and over the top. Yes it’s something that probably could never happen. But who cares? We are seeing three guys rob a train and do it successfully. That is all kinds of awesome. It’s tense. It’s action-packed. It’s fun. And as I have mentioned constantly with these elements, they are all things you want and get when watching Breaking Bad. And if you think this is perfect? Well why not throw in a dramatic ending of a random kid being murdered in cold blood. Weren’t expecting that were you? Well you got it, and also got one amazing episode of television.

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21. Box Cutter (4.1)


I absolutely love Gus Fring. As I have mentioned previously in this article he to me is probably the greatest villain in the history of television. And in one scene in this episode you get everything you need to know about him. He is calm. He is proper. He is neat. He is calculated. And he is a ruthless bastard who will pretty much do anything it takes in any manner to get what he wants and to show what type of man he is. The scene in which he murders Victor is one of the most gruesome and shocking moments you ever see in this show and it’s the moments leading up to it and after it which just make it even more shocking. This scene alone is enough to make this an outstanding episode, and although it just misses out on the top 20, it still is by far one of the most memorable episodes in the history of Breaking Bad.

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20. Peekaboo (2.6)


I’ve already mentioned several of the shocking moments Breaking Bad has produced and there will be plenty more to talk about in the episodes higher on this list, but seeing someone get their head crushed by an ATM has to be up there as one of the most shocking. I mean really, did you ever think you’d see somebody being killed by ATM when you first started watching this show? Outside of the graphic nature of this death, everything that leads up to that moment is perfectly executed. Jesse once again proves what an intriguing character he is as we attempts to recoup the money that was stolen from Skinny Pete and show what he is capable of, and then seeing the depressing nature of what drugs can do to someone in the remainder of the episode. You also will probably never utter the word “skank” again after seeing this episode. Amazing television.

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19. Grilled (2.2)


This episode clearly should’ve been the finale of season 1, and had plans come through without the writer’s strike, it probably would’ve been. Everything about this episode screams a season finale, with Walt & Jesse doing what they can to get out of Tuco’s captivity and also having Hank right on their tail and very nearly catching them in the process. The also seemingly random introduction of a certain Hector Salamanca is something that you probably don’t think about twice the first time you see this episode, but he will of course become quite a significant character as the show progresses. The shootout at the end of this episode is also epic, and the manner in which it ends with the dinging bell adds an even more perfect element to a near perfect episode. An easy top 20 episode to rank.

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18. Blood Money (5.9)

Breaking Bad ep 509, shot on 12/6/12 by Ursula Coyote

Technically you can argue this episode is a “season premiere” given it aired a full year after the “season finale” of part 1 of season 5, and it feels very much like a season premiere given the stakes that continue on from the previous episode. Having Hank finally find out who Walt is puts us all on a path that we know is going to lead to something good, and the confrontation between the two comes quicker than we expect with an amazing scene between the two at the end of the episode. Seeing Walt switch from innocent victim to warning Hank to “tread lightly” is harrowing, and there isn’t a minute of this show you want to miss from that point forward. We also get some great Jesse stuff which also is an important precursor to what we will see from him for the rest of the series. If only we could be so lucky to find random piles of money in our front yard each morning…

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17. Crazy Handful of Nothin’ (1.6)


Another episode in which you could argue is the birth of Heisenberg, Walt literally shaves his head and assumes that name when he meets Tuco for the first time. It is also the first time that we the audience meet Tuco, who even in his very small number of episodes he appears in definitely leaves a very large impact on the show. As does a certain scene in which Walt decides to blow up Tuco’s office, and really begins to showcase his journey into pure badass. The scene of Walt leaving the building and sitting in his car screaming in pure joy is a big turning point for him as a character and the show in general, and continues to keep us hooked to our screens as the show only gets better.

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16. Salud (4.10)

Breaking Bad (Season 4)

It’s hard for me to choose who my favourite character in Breaking Bad ultimately is given the levels of great characters we have to choose from, but Jesse and Gus would easily be up there at the top for me. With that in mind, this episode showcases the awesomeness of both of them, which easily makes this a top 20 choice. Seeing Jesse really showcase just how far he has come and how capable he is of running a meth business on his own is great to watch, as is the little quirks he has gained from Walt when it comes to things as simple as having a clean and tidy lab. Then there is Gus, with his epic showdown with the cartel really coming to a head when it comes to poisoning them out of pure revenge, something which has been building up with him for many years. The ending is just tense, graphic and incredible and you find yourself rooting hard for a man who ultimately is the big big bad of this show. That once again shows just how amazing Breaking Bad is at making you care for it’s characters, be them good or bad.

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15. …And The Bag’s In The River (1.3)


You always remember your first, and in the case of Breaking Bad you always remember Walt’s first murder. After deliberating for a while on whether or not he should kill Krazy-8, somehow he seems to make a bond with the man before ultimately knowing he has to kill him. It’s hard to watch for many reasons, because we have been on this bonding journey between the two of them only minutes prior to the death scene. We almost feel for Krazy-8 and his life, but also know that he must die in order to help out Walt and keeping him and his new secret safe. The murder is just graphic, it’s hard, it’s tense, and it’s all backed up by Bryan Cranston’s amazing performance which sees him sobbing and apologising the moment he realise he has succeeded in killing him. It’s the moment in the show that you realise what this man is willing to do to help himself out, and the first of many shocking moments which will make you always question just how far he is capable of going moving forward.

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14. Say My Name (5.7)


Everyone always remembers the opening of this episode as the epic “say my name” moment, and there is definitely a reason why it is in epic moment. Seeing Walt fully be in a situation where he feels invincible is a sight to see, and he clearly is not Walt anymore but the absolute embodiment of Heisenberg. But just like in Cornered, there is far more greatness to the episode than one simple speech. There is tension and drama galore and it’s all capped off by the death of one of the best characters in the show, Mike. There is just something about his death scene that works so perfectly, be it the almost ‘accidental’ nature of his death at the hands of Walt, right through to the moment in which he declares he just wants to die in peace. It’s sad, tragic and somehow peaceful all at once as we say goodbye to an amazing character.

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13. End Times (4.12)

Breaking Bad (Season 4)

Once again the penultimate episode of a season delivers and shows how important they are to how a season will end. This episode has everything and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. From Hank being tipped off that his life is in danger, to Jesse and Tyrus having to keep quiet while the laundromat above them is searched, things are happening in every second of this episode. And that of course doesn’t even include Jesse holding a gun to Walt’s head before teaming up with him to help take Gus down which then leads to the closing moments of Walt attempting to blow up Gus before the latter thinks twice about getting in his car and walks away. Catch your breath yet in reading all that? Well try watching the episode! It’s one epic rush that will only get better in the episode that follows. But that’s a few spots away…

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12. One Minute (3.7)


This is an episode all about Hank and Jesse and damn does it deliver. From the brutal beating of Jesse at the hands of Hank, right through to the epic and tense closing moments in which Hank nearly meets his end, there is so much to love about this episode. That also includes one of the most underrated scenes in the history of the show, when Jesse loses his cool with Walt and firmly states how much he has ruined his life since they paired up in the drug business. This is even more tragic moments later when he is manipulated once more by Walt to return to cooking, making you feel even more for Jesse. There is just so much going on here to love that it’s hard not to put it in the top 10, but once again Breaking Bad is such a good show with amazing episodes that you know there is only going to be even more quality moving forward on this list.

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11. Full Measure (3.13)


An amazing season finale, this episode really continues to add to the lengths that Walt is willing to go to in order to get exactly what he wants. Knowing he has no choice but to have Gale killed, he knows he has to make Jesse do it given the fact he is being watched by Gus and his goons. The lengths then that takes in order for Jesse to do it is a complicated jigsaw that he manages somehow to pull off, leading us to a harrowing closing scene in which one single gunshot and a fade to black make us wonder whether or not Jesse has gone through with the deed. It’s incredibly captivating television that then leads to another epic episode and one epic season that solidifies just why you love this show and want to keep watching it.

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10. Felina (5.16)

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

It’s pretty easy for a show to be so good for so long and then ultimately not stick the landing when it comes to the series finale. Thankfully Breaking Bad never had that issue. Felina is everything you want from a series finale. It brings you a solid conclusion, closure and action and an ending that really nobody can complain about. We always knew Walt was going to die. It was told to us in the very first episode. 62 episodes later he went out in a blaze of glory and really on his own terms. And in doing so he solidified his legacy and successfully sought revenge on those who had done him wrong across the final season. More importantly, he did enough to mend his relationship with Jesse, even if it was for a brief moment. As for Jesse, we may not have gotten complete closure for him, which actually turned out to be okay. Sure we got the great El Camino to help us with this, but there was something so good about the ambiguous ending for him that still leaves you weirdly satisfied. Overall it’s a great ending to an even greater show.

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9. Hermanos (4.8)


The closing moments of this episode are so heartbreaking, so graphic and so intense that it’s hard to believe that you are watching this happen to a villain and somebody who you really shouldn’t care too much about. But once again the beauty of Breaking Bad showcases just why all the characters are important and that even someone as evil as Gus deserves our love and respect. You want to see Gus seek revenge on the cartel for what they did to him and Max, and you almost feel bad for him in the way which Walt is meddling in his perfect business. I actually stand firm on Gus not technically being THAT bad and that Walt is the true bad here, but that perhaps is another debate for another day. Giancarlo Esposito is an absolute master actor and it’s a true travesty that he was never rewarded with an Emmy or Golden Globe for his performances across his time on this show. This is an episode that showcases his skills perfectly and one that I’m sure Emmy and Golden Globe voters can watch today and regret never rewarding him.

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8. Granite State (5.15)

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

How the hell do you follow up on what came before this episode? Well, somehow you do and somehow you still produce an amazing episode of television that is always forgotten as a great Breaking Bad episode. Seeing Walt in the New Hampshire wilderness in his new life is somehow calming and you almost accept that this could be the way he goes out. It also seems like an amazing way to live and perhaps gives me some good ideas for future life choices, but that’s for another article. Despite seemingly setting himself up in a perfect place to die, Walt’s ego gets the better of him as he eventually escapes and sees an interview with Gretchen and Elliott that sets him on a path for what will happen in the finale. Is it better than the finale? I think it is. It fits into that mould of the penultimate episode always being more important. And while it may not have the action of Felina, it still serves as a more tense and interesting episode that ultimately makes it slightly better in my eyes.

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7. Pilot (1.1)


I was late to the table for Breaking Bad and didn’t start watching it until a few years after it ended. The one thing that was always told to me about it was that “it starts slow and you need to be patient”. That is honestly one thing I have never understood. Because I was hooked from the moment I saw the first episode. Yes, the blood explosion of the body through the floor in the episode that follows this completely had me hooked, but the moment I saw the pants flowing in the wind and the tape recording done by Walt I knew I was in for a good ride. There’s always fine balance in a pilot episode being great and setting the bar high versus ones that maybe just haven’t quite hit their stride yet and you remember it being a bit too ‘innocent’ from what the show will eventually produce. To me the pilot of Breaking Bad is the former, and it’s an episode that hooks you in straight way for the journey of Walt and Jesse across the 61 episodes that follow this one. A perfect way to start a nearly perfect show.

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6. Gliding Over All (5.8)


Just like Blood Money is technically a season premiere, Gliding Over All is technically a season finale. And it shows in the way it is put together as once again we get an episode where nothing lets up and you are hooked to every single second. Where do I even begin? The gruesome and harrowing prison shanking scene, the amazing montage of meth cooking set to the amazing song Crystal Blue Persuasion, Skyler showing Walt all the money he has made and asking him when enough is enough or the closing scene in which Hank finally discovers Walt’s secret. Everything here is so epic that I want to place it higher, but given what I have higher that itself is very hard to do. I for one am weirdly glad I didn’t watch this show live as I couldn’t imagine having to wait a whole year to get a conclusion to the cliff-hanger, but it’s still so effective all these years later that I can only imagine the conversation and speculation that came after it aired for the first time. Purely incredible television.

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5. Better Call Saul (2.8)


I said earlier about how it would be hard for me to choose my favourite character in all of Breaking Bad but another contender for top spot would of course be the incredible Saul Goodman. This episode perfectly solidifies just why he is so amazing, and also showcases just why he was chosen as the character to get his very own spinoff. Bob Odenkirk is perfectly cast as Saul, and everything you need to know about him is sold in this episode. From his sleazy ways through to his incredible street smarts, Saul is far more than Breaking Bad’s coming relief. And this is the episode that paints that picture perfectly. And while all the episodes around this are action packed and filled with epic moments that all fans of Breaking Bad will remember forever, this is one episode to me that stands alone as a perfect example of the show being able to execute a well crafted episode be it filled with action or just relying purely on the amazing characters it produces.

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4. Crawl Space (4.11)

Many people talk about the final episodes in season 5 as being near perfect television, but I would argue the same stretch of episodes in season 4 are also right up there. And Crawl Space is an easy example of this. Fresh off the back of the dramatics of Salud, somehow every second of Crawl Space seems to deliver on the tension and concludes with one of the most harrowing scenes we will ever see in Breaking Bad. Walt laying in the crawl space, laughing maniacally as he realises all his money is gone is just something that is difficult to watch. This is summed up in Skyler’s reaction to him in that moment, and the way in which the camera just pans out from his face and above him at the end really does make us wonder how he is going to get out of his current situation. This too of course is the episode where Gus coldly threatens Walt and his entire family and includes the line in which he will coldly kill “his infant daughter”, really showing you what lengths Gus will go to and what he is capable of. An absolutely perfect episode that once again can’t go any higher based on the perfection that is to follow into the top 3.

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3. Face Off (4.13)


There are few moments I have witnessed in TV that have made me stop in shock at what I have seen and made me rewind multiple times to ensure I have witnessed what I have. A certain scene in House of Cards springs to mind. Or a certain scene in the mid-season finale of season 6 of Better Call Saul also comes to memory. But the moment in which Gus Fring is blown up and emerges from a room with half his face missing is easily up there. A seemingly unstoppable force, somehow he fell right into the trap of Walt at the right moment, and his death really is the perfect ending to a nearly perfect character. Is it a bit cheesy and unbelievable? Of course it is. But who cares? It’s so epic, so gruesome and so memorable that it is easily one of the greatest moments I have ever seen watching TV. And while that alone makes this episode amazing, everything else that happens around it also adds to this, and the conclusion of Walt saying “I won” when asked what happened by Skyler is the perfect bullet point to a perfect episode. The beauty of this episode too is that easily could’ve been the series finale and honestly it would’ve been a perfect conclusion to Breaking Bad had that happened. But at the end of the day it’s a perfect conclusion to a near perfect season and a near perfect villain who is quite possibly the greatest villain to ever grace our TV screens.

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2. To’hajiilee (5.13)

Steven Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Everyone always talks about Ozymandias as being a perfect episode of television and you’ll find out my thoughts on that episode in just a moment, but what many people forget is that the episode that proceeds it is also near perfect. Without To’hajiilee, you don’t have Ozymandias and the action and tension that will come in that episode exist in exactly the same doses here. Seeing Walt seemingly beaten and captured through the eyes of Hank, Jesse and Walt himself is a scene of mixed emotions. We are happy for Hank. We are happy for Jesse. But we are also sad for Walt. We are sad to see him finally captured and know that in that moment everything he was worked for will come to nothing. But then a car shows up. Guns are drawn. And bullets are fired. What will happen? How will this end? We of course will find out in a moment. But everything about it and the tension and pure action that is seen is so good that even in writing this I feel I can’t take my eyes off the screen. This was the episode that I caught the end of one late night on TV and the episode that finally made me think “oh hey this show looks good I should watch it”. I am extremely glad I did and when I eventually made it to this episode to watch it in full and in context, it became even greater. It once again goes to show the strength of Breaking Bad when an episode this good, this perfect, this amazing, still isn’t the best episode in the entire series. However it is an easy number 2.

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1. Ozymandias (5.14)

Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) and Steven Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Wow. That’s all you can really say about this episode. It seems like an obvious choice given the praise Ozymandias gets from not only Breaking Bad fans but televisions critics in general, but there is a clear reason why. From the opening moments of the shootout which sadly sees the death of not only Hank, but the amazing Gomez too, right through to the closing phone call between Skyler and Walt, this episode is absolute perfection. Perfection that itself is solidified in the scene that we voted as the greatest moment of all time in Breaking Bad, in which Walt is confronted by both Skyler and Walt Jr about his criminal ways that ends in a literal knife fight and the moment in which Walt realises everything he has done has ultimately come to nothing if his family have turned against him. It’s pure pain on many levels and absolutely mortifying to watch, but also just so engrossing and so engaging that you simply can’t turn away from what you are seeing. I’ve watched a lot of TV in my life, probably too much, and I don’t know if I have ever had the emotions and feelings that this episode brought to me when I first watched it. It is by far the greatest episode of Breaking Bad and perhaps the greatest episode of television ever produced.

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What is your favourite episode of Breaking Bad? Do you agree with these rankings? Let us know your thoughts below! You can also download all our other Breaking Bad episodes below including season and series recaps as well as interviews with cast and crew members.

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