We’ve finally made it! The finale of Third Watch is here as we come to you today to bring you a closer look at episode 22 of season 6, Goodbye To Camelot. How excited are we to have Brandy back on the episode? How sad are we that we are here at the end of our favourite TV show? What is our history with this episode and did we watch this when it aired on TV? How great is it to have some old cast join the episode but could we have had more with them? Does the precinct feel really empty throughout this episode? Is the opening 10 minutes way over the top and just doesn’t work? Should we feel a tad sadder over the precinct being as destroyed as it is? How great are the scenes between Cruz and Bosco? Were there opportunities for montages in this episode that could’ve actually worked? How amazing is the scene with Carlos proposing to Holly? How amazing is the scene between Cruz and Bosco in the car? How dumb are the guards who don’t search Cruz properly before she goes into the building? Should Cruz get rewarded for essentially being nothing more than a suicide bomber? What can we say about Cruz as we eulogise her and have we changed our listeners opinions on her? How amazing is the scene between Carlos and Doc, even though it contains maybe the single worst continuity error in the history of Third Watch? Do we like the scene where everybody is saying goodbye and being given their new postings even if there is a super cheesy line that nearly ruins it? Do we like the final moments between the characters? And how great is the final five minute montage and does it close off the show perfectly? It’s a sad occasion to close it all out but it’s an episode that you won’t want to miss!DownloadButton_thumb[2]

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