Get your Ewoks ready and your Jedi Rocks loaded as we move into the final chapter of the original trilogy of Star Wars with a closer look at the 1983 blockbuster Return Of The Jedi. Why are Colin and Ben so excited for this movie? What line do both hosts want to use at the beginning? What special edition changes can we defend that really aren’t that bad? Do we appreciate the name of this movie or is it one of the weakest Star Wars titles? Why are we sad to say goodbye to the Twentieth Century Fox fanfare at the beginning? Is the opening shot after the title crawl underrated? Is this C3PO’s best movie? Why can we use fat jokes with Jabba? How great is Salacious Crumb? Can we defend Jedi Rocks? Is there some really hammy dialogue in this movie that even we struggle to defend? Do we appreciate Leia in a bikini or is not that big a deal for us? How great is the music in the Sarlacc pit sequence? Do we like R2 as a waitress? Why is Qui Gon just ignored by Obi Wan? Why is it fun to imagine Darth Vader giving a Powerpoint presentation to the Emperor? Do we like the corniness of some of the scenes? Will we ever get to see a ‘Rogue Two’ movie based on one scene we see in this movie? Does the Emperor suffer from dementia? Is the worst fake beard in the history of movies in this film? How amazing is the speeder chase? How will Ben and Colin differ on opinion on the Ewoks? How great is Warwick Davis? Is ‘could you tell Luke is that who you could tell’ worse than anything to do with sand? Do we like Return of the Jedi as a soap opera? Do we appreciate the final three battles? How visually great do the effects look in this movie? And why will we defend the closing moments of this film from the special editions compared to what was originally done? It’s an epic way to close out the original trilogy and we know you won’t miss it!

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