We’re back for our latest CANADA V AUSTRALIA month recap as we move back to Australia and go over the film literally called Australia from 2008! How has this movie held up 15 years later? Why have Ben & Colin never seen this movie since it first came out? Do we feel this movie needs a bit more Baz Luhrmann style to it or does it work? Could we have imagined this film with Russell Crowe or Heath Ledger in it? Should this movie have gotten more Oscar love? How amazing is David Wenham and can we make his villain innocent as always? Why are there so many montages and what moments could’ve used some more explaining? What parts can we point out that aren’t exactly factually correct but passable? Does this movie make Colin want to visit Australia? And how do we feel about this movie being turned into a TV series? Say crikey and ride along for some epic action in another epic recap!


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