It’s another week of our MEN IN BLACK month as we move into the year that was 2002 and look at the blockbuster sequel that is Men in Black II to see if it holds up 20 years later and perhaps needs some more love! Was 2002 the biggest year ever for movies and how does this movie fit into that category? Are some of the actors phoning it in during this film or are they really not that bad? Why do the special effects look so dated? Which characters are way over used than they should be? Why is Colin still struggling to know what sex is? Do we want to go to the real Ben’s pizza place? How epic is the Michael Jackson cameo? Does this movie just go way too fast? How many plot holes can we pick out? Why is the David Cross and Colombe Jacobsen stuff the best stuff in the movie? Why can’t Ben & Colin agree on Rosario Dawson? Why are farts so funny? And why does this movie have the best Will Smith song out of all of them? It’s a movie that you’ll want to hear us talk about so get to it and don’t be disappointed!


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