If you were confused last week watching The Matrix then be prepared to get even more confused this week as move our Matrix month into the second movie in the franchise by looking at the 2003 sequel that is The Matrix Reloaded. Is this movie as bad as people say it is? Did all the hype around it let it down? Why are the posters not representative of the cast in this film? Is the soundtrack more amazing than the first movie? Is Morpheus kind of hard done by in this film? How much do we love Niobe? How much do we not like The Kid? Is the rave scene the worst scene in Matrix history? Why do we have to have terrible flashbacks to spoon boy? Are there just some random fights that don’t make sense? What do we think of the rubber Neo vs Smith fight? What do we think of the freeway chase? Why is the architect so hard to understand? Is this movie incredibly hard to understand? Why does the ending fall really flat? And does this movie hold up better than most people say? Get your guns and action ready to bullet time you into entertainment with another great and fun recap you won’t want to miss!


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