As we get closer to the end of our first season coverage of 24, it’s time to get to another episode of day 1 as we look closer at the 20th episode of that season, 7pm-8pm! Is this an episode that Colin will once again be swayed upon? Why is this another episode where not a lot happens but it’s still incredible to watch? How quickly can we just forget about the Kim and Teri stuff? Is the Palmer drama just still getting better and better? Why is Jack getting shot with a taser so great? Should everyone have Diamond in their name, or is Lou Diamond Phillips special? Should we have had more of a big reveal over Dennis Hopper or are we glad that he gets his reveal how he does? And why do we just keep getting excited for more and more episodes of this show as the season gets closer to the end? It’s all about the ticking once more as you get your clock into gear and closer to one hell of a ride continuing!


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