Our penultimate Survivor Winners At War recap is here and it’s a very special episode, as not only is Colin in the hosting chair, we are also joined by a current cast member of the season in the legendary Parvati Shallow to chat about what is going on out there with one week remaining and her thoughts on the game and this week’s episode! Just why did Parvati think there was going to be some weird twist coming into this season? How did she find having to balance living with new players on the Edge of Extinction with the fact that she may have to vote for them in the end to win the game? Did she believe the ‘Old School v New School’ thing was really a thing? Why was there so much more to the peanut butter that we just didn’t get to see? How would she have played differently with Nick ten years ago? How great was it living with Natalie on the Edge? Who does she credit the most for her vote out? And why is Colin a little bit giddy over the fact that she has written a children’s book? It’s all here and more in one chat you won’t want to miss!


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