We’re back for our latest Australian Survivor recap episode as we cover the last two weeks with a man who very much should’ve been on All Stars, Andy Meldrum from season 6! Just how is Andy finding the game so far? Why on earth isn’t he on this season? Does he feel Dave can win and why does he think he might fall short in one simple aspect of his gameplay? Why does he feel we might struggle with some entertainment moving forward in the game? Why is he on the Shonee train? Which US player does he feel Lee is playing a similar game to? What really happened with his idol reveal at his tribal council? Which player from this season did he meet during their original season who then encouraged him to eventually apply for the show? Which original Australian Survivor season 1 player is he a fan of? And just how many US fan events did he attend and who was the best player he ever met? It’s one fun interview that any fan won’t want to miss! So get to listening and not missing it!



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