The Meg (Spoiler Free) Review

It's time for our 100th movie related episode, and what better movie to cover than this summer's surprise hit The Meg. Why is Colin under strict orders to keep this episode under 45 minutes? Why was Jamie constantly falling asleep for the first hour, and what shirtless scene woke her up for good? Why is … Continue reading The Meg (Spoiler Free) Review


Mission Impossible – Fallout (Spoiler) Review Part 2

It’s time for our second review of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, and this time we’re talking about it WITH spoilers, so be warned. Do Ben and Colin agree on their assessment of this movie? Was the main twist of this movie too predictable? Why are we so excited to finally see one of the film’s … Continue reading Mission Impossible – Fallout (Spoiler) Review Part 2