Let’s celebrate a massive occasion as we get to the 100th episode of 24 by looking closely at episode 4 of season 5, 10am-11am! Is this another epic episode that continues the epic trend of epicness we have seen so far this season? Do we feel bad for Kim Raver that she’s really not doing much this season so far? How excited are we for Sean Astin making his first appearance and why is he kinda right with everything he is saying? Do we like grumpy Bill? Do we like concerned Connie Britton? Why should there be more of a reaction between Curtis and Jack when they meet? How amazing is the Martha and Charles scenes? What do we think of the mysterious canisters? Who is Merry Pippens? And why has Walt wanted to feel Martha’s bra for so long? It’s another doozy so get to listening to feel that doozy in your ears!


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