Another week of ticking action as we move into episode 3 of season 5 of 24, 9am-10am! How incredible once again is this episode? How amazing is the tension in this episode? How amazing is the acting in this episode? Why is Connie Britton so good she is capable of making Colin feel emotions? Why are we so on board with President Logan this episode? Are the terrorists lazy that they could only take over Ontario airport? Where is Ontario airport? Does Ontario airport fly to Winnipeg? How incredible is Brady Corbet and why do we just seemingly like Derek even more? Why would we be scared of Martha in this episode too? What is data mining and re-hashing the rom? Why are we offering a signed photo of Mischa Barton? And why is the bathroom in this episode so damn nice? There’s a lot to unpack, so join us and listen in!


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