We’ve been a busy show over the last 10 days bringing you reviews of each of the 10 Oscars Best Picture nominees and today we bring it to a close by going over the epic movie that is Elvis once more and also giving our predictions for each of the Oscars categories for the 2023 ceremony! How much better does this movie get on a rewatch? How pumped are we for Austin Butler and would we be okay if he beats Brendan Fraser for Best Actor? Have we changed our opinion on Tom Hanks in this movie? How many of the technical categories do we think this will win? How excited are we for the Oscars in general? How will our picks differ to each others across the episode? And how are we feeling knowing this could be our last episode recorded in a pre-Oscar winning Brendan Fraser world? Listen in, get your predictions ready and Oscar ready to go in one action and fun filled episode!


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