It’s time to continue our third DCEU month as we move into the movie the internet wanted forever and finally got, 2021’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League! Can we get this movie done in less than the runtime of the movie itself? Why are we still so happy this movie exists, even when we are the only people on the planet who liked the original version? Are we horny for Aquaman and want to sniff his smelly jumper as he swims? Where does Aquaman get all his t-shirts from and why does he wear them in the first place? Why are we sad about the scene in London with the annoying children? Is Jeremy Irons the most underrated Alfred ever? Is this version funny than the (INSERT GUY WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT ANYMORE) version? Should Henry Cavill have a moustache in this version? Why doesn’t Colin like hotdogs? Do we appreciate the slow mo? Can we talk positively about Ezra Miller at all? How incredible is the Cyborg stuff? Why would we not want to see Joe Morton in an Apple store? Why isn’t JK Simmons in this movie more? Did Amber Heard sue anyone after this movie, and why is she British in this movie? Why does failing Spleen 101 cost many lives? Are we too distracted by a glistening Henry Cavill when he is shirtless? Why do we want chicken nuggets all of a sudden? Is the ending better or worse than the theatrical version? And do we love or hate the Joker cameo at the end? It’s epic, long and fun, so get to listening and get to enjoying!


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