We’re back for another epic month of recaps and for the third time we get back into the DCEU as we bring you part 3 of DC MONTH! Kicking things off we get back into Wonder Woman as we recap the divisive film that was 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984. Is this movie a movie that has gotten better a few years later and will it be a movie that people will love in the future? Was Pedro Pascal robbed of Oscar recognition for this film? How great is Gal(limimus) Gadot a second go around? Do we think Kristen Wiig should be doing more dramatic acting? Is the handsome man really that handsome? Is Chris Pine wasted or is he used perfectly? Is this movie too 80s or does it work well? And do we consent to doing this episode? It’s an epic movie and an epic episode that you won’t want to miss!


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