It certainly has been a long time coming in getting through another season of Lost but we have managed to do so and get through the entire sixth and final season in classic Oz Network fashion! And with that in mind, we’re back to give our final thoughts on the season by going over all the main bits, the bits we didn’t cover, the Boone bits we loved and the Ilana bits we hated. We also of course talk plenty about Claire, the flash sideways and the ending as we work out just what this season left as a legacy in the history of one of the greatest television shows of all time! So get yourself in the zone for one last season recap as we discuss all of those and more by wrapping up the sixth season of Lost in style!

At the end of each season, Ben & Noah will rank the season in order from their favourite to least favourite. After six seasons the final standings are as follows:

1 Season 1 Season 1
2 Season 4 Season 2
3 Season 2 Season 4
4 Season 3 Season 5
5 Season 5 Season 3
6 Season 6 Season 6

Also at the end of each season, Ben & Noah will compile their favourite 5 moments and produce a video showing these moments. Sadly however the video has been blocked for copyright purposes, so our top 5 moments for season 6 are as follows:

  • 5 – Jacob explains why he brought the candidates to the island (Episode 16 – What They Died For)
  • 4 – Ben’s speech to Ilana (Episode 7 – Dr. Linus)
  • 3 – Jack’s fight with The Man In Black (Episode 17 – The End)
  • 2 – The final scene (Episode 17 – The End)
  • 1 –  The submarine explosion killing Sayid, Sun & Jin (Episode 14 – The Candidate)


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