Tick tick tick as you get into another episode of 24 as we move into our next recap in season 4 and look closely at episode 3 of that season, 9am-10am. Is this episode a big drop on what we’ve seen before? Why do we have a big problem with Jack this week? Why does it feel like Jack’s storyline was just pulled out of a hat for shock value? Why are Ben & Colin so divided on this episode? How great is Mary Lynn Rajskub this episode and is this her best episode so far? Why is technology in 24 so contradictory? Why is Aisha Tyler so wasted in such a bad character? Is Erin such a terrible boss this week? What do we think of the needless torture this week? And do we all have a balaclava ready to go in case we need to rob a place? It’s an interesting one so get to it and get to listening!


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