The end is finally here! That is right, after 6 long seasons over a long period of 5 years for us, we’re finally here to bring our Lost recap series to a close by recapping the series finale of the show with our look at episode 17 of season 6, The End. Does this episode get unfair criticism for being a bad ending when in reality it isn’t? How many times are we crying through this episode? Is the flash sideways component the best part of this episode? How epic is the editing and cinematography of this episode? Which parts of the flash sideways are we just not on board with? How excited are we for Boone being back and why are we all wanting to have #PensOutForBoone? Who is the worst kisser in this episode? Would we prefer to see the epic Locke and Jack fight on a volcano? Who are some characters that got stiffed in the afterlife? Are we happy or weirded out that Hurley gets to be the ultimate watcher of the island? And what are our thoughts on the very divisive ending in the church? It’s been building up for a long time but finally we’re here to wrap Lost up in true Oz Network style so get to listening and get excited!


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