Another season of 24 is upon and we’re excited to get into the epic fourth season of the show which definitely signals a new era with plenty of new things to talk about! And to kick things off we’re looking at the first episode of the season, 7am-8am! How do we feel about this ‘reboot’ version of the show? How pumped is Ben to talk about Kim Raver again? Why is Colin excited to talk about Shawn Doyle? Why are we all excited to talk about the number one movie start of 2000 William Devane? Is Richard Heller annoying or fun? Which scene in this episode is cheesy but good? How excited are we to talk about the loveable Curtis? Is Sarah wasted or do we like the character? Why is CTU so fancy all of a sudden? And do we already get a possible top 5 moment in this episode? It’s a good one so get to listening and get entertained!


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