It’s the final week of our MEN IN BLACK recap month and it’s time to close it out with the weakest in the series from 2019, Men in Black: International, to see if we can perhaps find any good in this film that really didn’t sit too well with us back when it first came out. What is the point of this movie? Is this movie just there? Why are half the actors in this movie just phoning it in? Is this movie missing a Pitbull song? Why is this movie just so rushed and who is the villain? Why is this movie just not funny? Is this movie trying to be too much like the originals without any charisma? What do we think of Rebecca Ferguson? Is there too much action happening? And why do we rush through this so quickly at the end? It’s an interesting one to close out the month but we’re here so let’s get to it and get entertained!


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