It’s week 3 of our MEN IN BLACK month which means of course it’s time to recap the third film in the franchise by looking closely at the 2012 entry that is Men in Black 3! Why is this movie seemingly always forgotten? Why does this movie never get the love it deserves? How perfect is the casting of Josh Brolin as young K? Do we like Emma Thompson speaking weird alien? Is it great to have Will Smith back at his best? Why do the special effects look weird but weirdly work? What is the deal with the Mets? Why does the de-ageing in this movie never get credit when it comes to one of the characters? How great is Jermaine Clement? Why do we keep wanting to talk about David Schwimmer all of a sudden? Can we rap better than Pitbull? And how badly do we want pie all of a sudden? It’s an epic recap with epic moments so listen in to feel extra epic!


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