It’s time to get your black suits ready and your noisy crickets noisy as we bring you a brand new exciting month on The Oz Network with our MEN IN BLACK MONTH kicking off with the original (and possibly the best) of the four movies, Men in Black from 1997! How much do we love this movie? Do we just want to sing the song instead of talking about the movie? How well does this movie hold up 25 years later? How much are we going to defend Will Smith and make him a thing again? How much are we going to love and gush over Tommy Lee Jones? Should Vincent D’Onofrio have been nominated for an Oscar for this movie? What parts are funny that perhaps don’t get talked about being funny? What dramatic moments exist in this movie that never get talked about? What quotes from this movie do we use in our everyday lives? Are there some actors in this movie that we just forget about? And seriously, how awesome is this movie? Get your hands clapping and your sunglasses out for an epic recap you won’t want to miss!


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