It’s time for one of the most iconic episodes in the history of 24 as we get into the 18th episode of the 3rd season and recap 6am-7am. How epic is this episode? Why does this episode get remembered for one scene only when everything else around it is also just as good? How many Emmy nominations was this episode robbed of? Why is this episode an episode that can get you right into the minds of the characters and make you feel extra emotion? Does Saunders once again grow even more badass this episode? Is the music the best it has ever been in the series so far? Are we glad that the socket love has returned? Are we surprised to see a prominent actor from another show we love make an appearance? Does Saunders need to check which cities in the US would have more casualties? And what words can we even begin to express when it comes to the final scene of this episode? Strap yourself in for one hell of a ride for an absolutely incredible episode of television.


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