It’s an annual tradition that hasn’t been done in two years but we are back for BAD MOVIE MONTH once again to get you in the mood for some movies that are hated for either the right or wrong reasons! We kick off 2022 BAD MOVIE MONTH with the the 2013 movie that somehow got the big stars but maybe not the big reception it was hoping, Movie 43! Can we keep up our commitment to do each of these recaps in 60 minutes or less? Is this movie really THAT bad? Would this movie been more well received if it was released ten years earlier? Which segments go on for a bit too long and would’ve worked if they were shorter? Why did Ben & Colin watch different version of this movie? How are there so many big names in this movie and why do they all seem like they are having fun? Can we make Seann William Scott at thing again? And are we missing out on not seeing the deleted skits? It’s an interesting one that we’re sure you’ll be interested in so get to listening to it now!


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