It’s been a few years since we last brought you ANNIVERSARY MONTH but we’re back to return to one of our favourite traditions as we go over four films in the next month that are celebrating their anniversary in 2022! And given we are so in love with the films of 2002, we’re bringing you four films from that year, starting off today with the incredibly underrated gem that is About A Boy. How amazing is this film and why does it need more love? Is Hugh Grant one of our favourite actors that we just don’t talk about enough? How amazing is Nicholas Hoult and why is it obvious he was always set to be a star? Is Toni Collette one of the best and most underrated Australian actors? Why is this movie just so relatable, particularly for men? Why is this movie basically a biopic for Ben? Do we find dead ducks that funny? Do we want to listen to more Badly Drawn Boy? Are we completely silenced by Rachel Weisz? Was this movie ahead of its time? And is any man actually an island? Get your bread ready and begin to strum your song with your fingers for an amazing episode on an amazing movie!


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