After one epic season of Breaking Bad we are back to go over everything once more with our Season 4 recap of the iconic show! We once again go over all the main parts that made this season so great, all the bits about Gus we maybe didn’t talk about as much and just trying to find someway to create a top 5 moments section when we could easily make it a top 100 section. We also do the difficult task of ranking this season against the others and try to even remotely contain our excitement over just how amazing a season of television this really was. You’ll be strapping yourself in for one hell of an episode so get to it and don’t miss out!

At the end of each season, Ben & Nick will rank the season in order from their favourite to least favourite. After four seasons the standings are as follows:

1 Season 4 Season 4
2 Season 1 Season 1
3 Season 2 Season 3
4 Season 3 Season 2

Also at the end of each season, Ben & Nick will compile their favourite 5 moments and produce a video showing these moments. Sadly however the video has been blocked for copyright purposes, so our top 5 moments for season 4 are as follows:

  • 5 – Gus threatens Walt in the desert (Episode 11 – Crawl Space)
  • 4 – Walt’s breakdown in the crawl space (Episode 11 – Crawl Space)
  • 3 – Gus slits Vincent’s throat (Episode 1 – Box Cutter)
  • 2 – Walt’s “I am the danger” speech to Skyler (Episode 6 – Cornered)
  • 1 – The death of Gus (Episode 13 – Face Off)


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