We’re finally at one of the most epic episodes in the history of Breaking Bad as we are here to recap the finale of season 4, Face Off. Is this episode better than the movie of the same name? Is this episode one of the greatest episodes of TV? How excited are we to finally talk about THAT scene in this episode? Is this episode actually more funny than we give it credit for? Do we feel Gus is actually a tad dumb for what happens in this episode or is it warranted? How excited are we to get an amazing scene from Francesca finally? How amazing are the special and practical effects in this episode and how on earth did they not win an Emmy? Is THAT scene the single greatest scene in the history of Breaking Bad and also one of the greatest in the history of television? And how epic is the ending of the episode and would it have worked as a series finale? Strap yourself in and get your head into half shape for one amazing episode!


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