Hello there! We’ve talked about Star Wars for so many hours we’ve lost count but that doesn’t mean we aren’t PUMPED to talk about the most exciting Star Wars project Disney has every produced as we give our SPOILER review of the first three episodes of the EPIC new series Obi-Wan Kenobi! Have the first three episodes lived up to our expectations? How great is it that Disney seemingly is finally loving the prequels? What character are we most surprised about that has made an appearance? Are there plot holes that have been created already for the original trilogy and are there others that have been fixed? What do we think of the random cameos and do they work? Why are we on the Moses Ingram love train? How hard are they trying to make Ewan McGregor older even though he doesn’t age? How epic is it to see Hayden Christensen again even though we see his face for like 5 seconds? And why do we just want to keep watching more of this? Lightsaber up and force yourself into your ears for another epic episode you won’t want to miss!


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