Our latest recap episode of Breaking Bad is here for you to get excited for as we move into the 6th episode of season 3, Sunset. How great is this episode? Is this the start of another trilogy of episodes that all work together? Is the opening of this episode connected to another scene earlier this season or are we reading too much into it? What new random character in this episode do we start to champion? How much do we love Gus as a chicken man? How excited are we to meet Gale for the first time? What would make his coffee the best coffee ever? Do we want a spinoff show of just Walt & Gale moving forward? Do we believe Gale is 34? Why are we talking so much about Gale? How great is the scene with Hank, Jesse, Walt and the RV? How great is Dean Norris once again in this episode? Are we excited to see another random Friends actor appear? And how sad are we to see the death of a beloved character this week? Bring the excitement and the tissues for the tears for another epic episode!


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