It’s time to get you to break some more bad with our latest episode of Breaking Bad coming your way today as we recap the 5th episode of season 3, Mas. Are we excited to see a character return who we thought was not coming back? What do we think of the strip club scene at the beginning and did we remember it even existed? Do we miss disposable cameras? Are we excited to see Combo return, even though he looks like a turtle? Are still just annoyed at Ted and want to skip over it more? Are we starting to come around on Skylar again with this storyline? How great is Walt in the closet? What do we think of semi-naked poker players in the RV? How amazing is Dean Norris once again in this episode? How amazing is Betsy Brandt in this episode? Are we excited to see the superlab for the first time? How great is the speech by Gus to Walt in the superlab? And is this episode better than many give it credit it for? Get yourself cooking and on the money once more for another fun episode!


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