Another episode of Breaking Bad to digest today as we recap the 4th episode of season 3, Green Light. How great is Saul’s suit in this episode? How funny is Walt in this episode? How much of a douche is Ted and how much do we want to see that pot plant smash into him? Is this episode much funnier than we initially thought? How much do we love Carmen? Is it a classic flirting device to talk about a dog in a photo? Do people really get boxes to carry their stuff out when they get fired? How great is the scene between Walt and Jesse? Who’s side are we on when it comes to Jesse and Walt? Why are feeling sick still when it comes to Skylar and Ted? How great is random guy being interrogated and is he Dave Grohl? How great is the scene between Hank and Gomez? And does the camera work in this episode make it even better? It’s another interesting one that we know you won’t want to miss, so get to listening!


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