It’s been a while since we’ve done a specialised movie month but we’re back to bring you an EPIC month in the lead up to The Matrix Resurrections by covering each of the Matrix movies in typical Oz Network style! And to start it off we’re here to start with the movie that started it all, the 1999 EPIC blockbuster that is The Matrix. How excited are we to talk about this movie? How epic is this movie? How amazing is this movie and how well does it hold up? Should the movie have been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars? Why are all of a sudden so in love with Carrie-Anne Moss? Can we actually remember any of the other characters names? Why are we excited to see the death sticks guy return? Should Hugo Weaving have been nominated for an Oscar for this movie? Which character in this movie is maybe the worst character ever on screen? And why do we suddenly turn German for a large portion of this episode? Get yourself ready to say “whoa” in another episode that you simply can’t miss!


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