Get yourself up in the Lost mood once more as we move into the 9th episode of season 5, Namaste. How much fun is this episode? Are we happy that basically everyone gets something to do this episode? Where is baby Boone? Where is Old Gummy Joe? What do we think about esteemed pilot Peter Ross? Who is Mike? How cool is badass Sun? Is this the least amount of screentime Ben has in any episode of Lost? Is this the weirdest Christian Shepard episode we ever have? Do the special effects stand up in this episode? Why is Caesar such a dick? How convenient are some of the storylines in this episode? Do we believe that Ethan was really born in 1977? Do we like janitorial Jack? How great is the scene between Jack & Sawyer? And what do we think of child Ben? It’s another great episode for you to get into so get listening!


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