Are you ready to listen to us talk about one of the greatest hours of television you will ever watch? If so then strap yourselves in as we bring you our recap of the season 1 finale of 24, 11pm-12am! Seriously, how amazing is this episode? Will our top 5 at the end of this season just be filled with moments from this episode? Is Sherry actually right in the end and is David a bit more sinister than he ever gets pulled up for? Is there any bad acting in this episode at all? What do we think about Jack crying twice? How great is the action in this episode and why does it feel like we’re watching a movie? Do we wish we have more episodes to really digest Nina as the mole? Why doesn’t Tony seem to care too much during one scene in this episode? Why do we like Mason being a tad disgusted in one scene? And is the ending of this episode one of the greatest television shocks of all time? Strap yourself in for one hell of a ride to one hell of an episode and one hell of a season!


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