Get those seatbelts fastened and your jaw ready to drop the ground as we get into the penultimate episode of the first season of our 24 recap series by looking at the 23rd episode of season 1, 10pm-11pm. Is this episode severely underrated as a great episode of 24? Why is the Palmer drama resolution actually amazing, despite some of the bad execution? How big of a lawsuit is Palmer going to face after the Patty situation? How great is Sherry once again? Why do we actually seem to like Kim again? Who is Marko and why is he amazing? Do we like the scene between Jack & Teri on the phone? Why are the secret service so terrible at their job once again? What is Mechajanet and why are we excited for her? And is the ending of this episode the greatest plot twist we will ever see in this show? Get your jaws ready to drop and minds ready to be blown for one hell of an episode!


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