It’s that time of the week to get into some more Breaking Bad as we move into the 7th episode of the 2nd season, Negro y Azul. Why do we just want to listen to the song at the beginning of this episode more and more? Why is the lack of subtitles a genius ploy by Vince Gilligan? Do we like the idea that Jesse has accidentally turned into a badass? How are we feeling about Jane? Why is the Skylar storyline finally starting to get to us? How amazing is it to see Danny Trejo appear in an episode? Is there a scene in this episode that is guaranteed to make our final 5 at the end of the season? How amazing is Dean Norris in this episode? And is watching a signal get acquired on a TV the biggest aphrodisiac we didn’t know existed? Get yourself a tortoise for your head and prepare for one memorable time!


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