It’s a bit early for Halloween, but we’re here to bring you a spoiler free review of what may be the craziest horror film of the year, Malignant, from the always subtle James Wan. What is this movie, and why are we so compelled to talk about it? Is it possible this movie has us literally at a loss for words on how to describe it? Is it possible for a movie to be both absurdly dumb and absurdly brilliant at the same time? Did James Wan even care about plot holes, or was he just set on delivering the most over the top horror movie of his career? Does a good grasp on the English language help one figure out what’s going on? What odd things do we uncover people listen to for relaxation? And seriously, WHAT IS THIS MOVIE? All we can say is this is a review of a movie that is balls to the walls crazy, so you owe it to yourself to see it and hear our review.

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