Get yourself on the clock once more as we move into our latest 24 recap by looking at the 18th episode of the 1st season, 5pm-6pm! Is this episode an improvement on the last few weeks or are we still in pretty bad territory? Why are there some terrible storylines in this episode that we really don’t care about? Is this the quickest we have ever talked about Teri Bauer before? Why is the Kim storyline almost heading into cougar territory? Is the Palmer drama really starting to hit a point now where it could be the best part of the show? How amazing is Sherry and why do we want to create a spinoff show just on her? Is the Jack stuff still sort of pointless or are we into it? And which actor in this episode is possibly the worst actor we have seen on this show so far? Get yourself ready to be raised in foster care for one episode that will you have sitting on the fence!


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