Another week of our MIGHTY DUCKS TRILOGY recap series is here as we move into the second movie in the trilogy, the 1994 hit D2: The Mighty Ducks! Is this movie just one giant cartoon? Does this movie still feel like it is a Mighty Ducks movie? How do we feel about Gordon Bombay this time around? Who is Jan? Why is Gordon such an amazing hockey prodigy that apparently has just been undiscovered for so long? Why does Team USA only recruit players from one team in the entire country, and why is this done by a marketing guy? Can we remotely understand why Trinidad & Tobago have a hockey team? Which of the new players do we like best and why is it Julie? Why the hell is Gee (spelt how it should be spelt) still a thing? Why is Gordon yelling at the referee the funniest thing in this franchise? And is Iceland actually very nice? Get your ponds rocking and your Wayne Gretzky ready as we bring you another epic recap!


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