We promised this months ago and FINALLY we’re here to bring it to you as we go over perhaps the greatest sports movie trilogy to ever be a sports movie trilogy in THE MIGHTY DUCKS TRILOGY! YAY! And what better way to start it off than by recapping the 1992 film that started it all off, The Mighty Ducks! Just how much love & praise will we give this movie throughout this episode? Is Emilio Estevez one of the most likeable guys in Hollywood? Is this the most perfectly cast movie when it comes to child actors ever? Can we actually work out some of the hockey abnormalities in this film? Is Mr Ducksworth the true hero of the story? Is Coach Riley an amazing villain we can get behind? Do we wish we had more lawyer Bombay scenes? How amazing is MC Gainey? Does this movie deserve more credit for having strong female characters? Why does this movie make us want to skate? Are the Hawks the Tampa Bay Lighting of this movie? Who is Steven? How great are the hockey scenes in this movie? And why is Gee the worst name in movie history? Get your flying vee ready to go and quack along with us in an epic recap you won’t want to miss!


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