It’s the beginning of Guest Host Month, and we kick it off with everyone favourite Survivor Cook Islands contestant the one and only Billy Garcia, and a movie we have teased doing with him for almost 3 years, the original 1984 Karate Kid! How authentic was the karate in this classic film, from the origins Miyagi tells to the “wax on, wax off” technique? How much of Daniel’s problems were actually caused by Daniel, and why were the Cobra Kai kids not all that bad? Which supporting characters were the true puppet masters pushing buttons and whispering in ears of Daniel and Johnny to feed their feud? At what point does Miyagi turn into a bit of a villain himself? And what can Billy tell us about seeing this opening weekend and the differences from the version we all know today? Once you’ve finished waxing those cars, sanding that deck and painting that fence and house, feel free to sit back, relax and listen to our long awaited recap of one of the all time great movies.

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