We wrap up our Monsterverse month by travelling further back in time than we ever have before in a movie recap to 1962 for the original King Kong vs. Godzilla. How much of the original plot is lost by endless inserted American newscasts? Was Kong’s face really made out of paper mache? Why was Godzilla an after thought in the movie that essentially kick started the Godzilla franchise? Why is it no surprise that one of the major talking points becomes Kong’s dong? How many Bond girls can we spot in this movie? Is Kong really a chicken? Is Godzilla sneezing out a tree the greatest moment of this movie? What special offer do we have involving King Kong for you if you sign up to Patreon? And what special treat do we have for the final 10 minutes of this movie? Get your tail whacking to our latest recap in the final leadup to the battle of the ages.

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